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Victim of Marcus Prinz Von Anhalt, the cryptocurrency Atri or the Dubai-based ICICB group

This pseudo-Prince, already widely convicted in Germany of human trafficking, pimping, tax evasion and criminal conspiracy, offers his victims the chance to buy Atri, a cryptocurrency licensed by the famous American video game company Atari to the Dubai-based ICICB Group.

The trick is simple: he offers to buy Atri with the guarantee that the currency’s price will rise. He plays on the fact that this cryptocurrency belongs to the famous American Atari Group. He shows you, day after day, that the price of this token is constantly rising.

You give in to the promise of a big payout. You send your money and receive your Atri in return.

Everything seems normal!

But what you didn’t know.

The pseudo-Prince had bought Atri to boost the price, demonstrating the currency’s strength but distorting the reality of the cryptocurrency’s value.

In line with Atri’s policy, the tokens are blocked for 60 days. Of course, the pseudo-Prince failed to inform you of this condition.

Two months later, the price has plummeted. Your Atri are now worth almost nothing!

To date, we cannot accuse the ICICB Group of complicity. We know that this Pseudo Prince Marcus would have been responsible for promoting this cryptocurrency.

You too have been a victim of Marcus Von Anhalt or an Atri transaction. If you have information about ICICB Group, this free space is yours.

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