More information on ICICB Group, the Dubai-based company that operates the Atari Token.

ICICB Group is a global investment holding company currently based in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Gibraltar. The group develops and manages diversified businesses (financial services, healthcare, medical device trading, luxury retail, commercial real estate, mining, industrial enterprises, energy resources, retail, agriculture, education, tourism, automotive trading, payment service provider, software technology, hospitality, information services, commercial brokers, gaming and crypto-currency…). The group operates worldwide, with over 114 headquarters in 26 countries. Over the past two years, the company has recorded a steady growth rate of 40%.

ICICB, a financial and banking company, was founded on March 30, 2019 in the United Arab Emirates to encompass the growing activities of ICICB Co. originally founded in 1990. The company holds several licenses in FinTech, Blockchain, digital banking, Crypto Exchanges, financial houses and hedge funds. ICICB is present in most of the world’s major markets. Through its subsidiaries, the group specializes in projects aimed at transforming the digital world. Founded by ICICB Group in partnership with Atari. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Hence its link with Prince Markus, who is said to have acted as intermediary in the creation of the Atari Token in return for taking on the promotion of this cryptocurrency.

Since April 18, 2020, all operating licenses granted to ICICB Group by Atari have been withdrawn.

The cause of this separation has not been explicitly announced, but the company cites “difficulties” in relations, as well as a desire to preserve its image by distancing itself from ICICB Group, which is reportedly facing legal action.

ICICB Group is no longer authorized to use Atari’s image in its communications, and this affair leaves behind a loss of 11 million euros between the two parties.

Atari has informed Atri holders that a snapshot has been taken to enable them to exchange them for a new token in the future.

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And the directors of ICICB Group

Sheikh Marwan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Sheikh Manaa Hasher M Al Maktoum

Sheikh Manaa Hasher M Al Maktoum

Dr. Mohamed Alketbi

Mousa Al Bawab

Jean Paul Tarud

Vishal Aswani

Nikola Radosevic

Mohamed Nabhan

Muhamed Jusufspahic

Stanimir Vukicevic

Romanos Aziz Raad